Passepartout Welcome PMS

Welcome PMS by Passepartout

Complete and flexible hotel PMS software

Welcome is the hotel property management software that fully satisfies the needs of all types and sizes of accommodation facilities. The software goes beyond the simple principle of managing reservations to global and integrated project management to coordinate all operations that take place within the property using a single system.

The Passepartout solution makes it possible to keep all activities under control: rooms, restaurant, conference center, bar, warehouse, pool, beach, equipment and any kind of rental spaces.

Multiple modules are available in Welcome to satisfy to the specific needs of the different functional areas of the accommodation facility. All modules are developed to increase the profitability of the business by improving staff efficiency and, at the same time, streamlining hotel procedures also thanks to the connection of the software with the different systems present in the hotel (building automation, paid TV, …).

Welcome is a reliable tool for all customer relationship management (CRM) activities. The complete and detailed guest profile card contains useful information on the guest as well as the history of all actions undertaken. Data can be used for marketing related activitiesmailing campaigns, to send personalized promotional communications and to monitor performance.
Revenue management and analysis tools make it possible to increase the occupancy rate and optimize tariff strategies. The advanced warehouse management functionalities available ensure constant and accurate inventory control.

Thanks to perfectly integrated Channel Manager and Booking Engine, Welcome automatically receives all web reservations made on the property’s official website or through the main booking portals. For smaller accommodation facilities such as apartments and bed & breakfasts with up to 15 rooms, Welcome Smart Cloud is available.


Booking Engine

Booking Engine

The Booking Engine allows to configure, directly from the PMS, photos, descriptions, availability and prices to publish on the property’s website. Through the Booking Engine, the customer can request a quote, ask for information, book a stay, purchase additional services and pay online. When the reservation is received, all information will be visible directly within the software and residual availability will be automatically updated.

Channel Manager

The Channel Manager allows to publish availability, strategies and prices on the main online booking portals in just a few clicks thanks to an automatic synchronization. It is also possible to configure reservations conditions and restrictions from the PMS system. The integration allows to receive bookings directly in the software, ensuring considerable savings in terms of time and eliminating transcription errors.