Proffid is proud to be an Amadeus Hospitality Partner in the ABC Islands.

With our teams in Aruba Bonaire and Curacao we sell, install, maintain and support the Amadeus Hospitality Products IDPMS and PMPRO locally.

We do not sell or install outside the ABC islands, however should you be interested in managed services, training, consultancy or a 2nd opinion, please contact us by sending an email to

Amadeus Property Management – IDPMS

Amadeus Property Management – IDPMS* is an on-premises or hosted PMS that provides integrated channel and rate management; extensive reporting; and support for single locations or multiple properties. Hotels can leverage consistent information across properties and execute a distribution strategy for all hotels in the group.

Rate and availability management available for all channels, including branded websites

A shared database makes changes in one location instantly available to other properties

Easy-to-use interface lowers training costs for new properties and ensures that new staff is quickly up to speed

Integrated sales management establishes sales processes and monitors success based on performance

Flexible finance/revenue attribution modules support complex ownership models

Amadeus Channel Management – RezExchange

Amadeus Channel Management – RezExchange makes your room inventory visible on all distribution channels without any intervention. Reservations flow directly into the PMS, resulting in more time for your staff to attend to your guests and focus their energies on sales.

The single image inventory design allows for last room availability on all channels without the risk of overbooking. More accurate hotel and inventory representation on the distribution channels means higher visibility, resulting in selling rooms at the right time and at the best rate.

PCI DSS Compliant Solution

One location to manage availability, rates and packages

Reservations are inserted directly into your PMS, and modifications and cancellations are directly updated

Real time and 100% accurate availability on all channels for seamless booking

Receive reservations through your own website

More than 75 partnered distribution channels

Flexible and scalable service that meets the needs of a hotel with 10 rooms or a chain with 4,000 rooms

Amadeus Channel Management – RezExchange processes over 300,000 reservations monthly for more than 700 affiliated hotels