Citizen Fiscal Printer

Proffid Caribbean NV has been appointed the Official distributor for the Citizen CT-S310 II Fiscal Printer.

Companies in Curacao, in the F&B and retail industry , selling directly to end consumers are required by law to work with a fiscal printer. 

A fiscal printer is different then a normal printer, it has a memory that records sales transactions, this memory can then produce reports for the Tax Office. This memory is write-once-then-read-only.

In order to work with a fiscal printer your software must be able to ‘talk the fiscal language’, often that means your software needs to be adapted or connected to a fiscal bridge.


The Citizen Fiscal Printer has been approved by SBAB to be used with the following software :

Vendor Proffid Caribbean NV

Suite 4 / Shop 4 / Risto 4 by Ericsoft 
Quickbooks Fiscal Module for Quickbooks Pro-Premier-Enterprise 2013-2014-2015 ( no longer distributed*)
Litebook (no longer distributed*)
Litebook Enterprise ( no longer distributed*)
Litebook Foodservice ( no longer distributed*)
no longer distributed , since we work with other vendors with similar products

Vendor All U Need Software & IT Solutions

ICG Software

Vendor Sun Systems BV

Quickbooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise/POS
MicroBiz / Revel

Vendor Belthena B.V.


Vendor Unicorn Software



The Citizen Fiscal Printer comes with a 3-year factory warranty on the non fiscal components ( Printhead and Autocutter) aswell as the Fiscal Components

If you have a software solution, and you would like to fiscalize your software with the Citizen Fiscal printer, please contact us via our contact form, and we will work with you to develop an interface.

more information on the fiscal requirements for Curacao can be found at the official SBAB website

*Warranty will be void if tampering or obvious carelessness is source of malfunctions.

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