Ericsoft Suite 4

All-in-one hotel property management software

Manage all hotel, restaurant and all related outlets using a single graphical interface

Suite 4 ° is a comprehensive software for hotels, restaurants and all related outlets. It combines the features of hotel, ristò and shop, linking the various business areas of the company and enabling interaction through a single centralized database. The system offers a wide range of configuration options thanks to its nature which is characterized by the following:

  • Modular: add on applications that can operate in a fully autonomous way and are able to interact with other modules, without altering the overall functioning of the system;

  • Flexible: able to adapt itself to the real needs and specific objectives of each company;

  • Centralized: all modules share a single data base, created to retain and share inventories of multiple properties within a group.

Booking Engine

The Booking Engine is the solution to enrich the hotel's website with an effective online booking system. The guest, once connected to the web page of the hotel, by clicking on the dedicated link will be able to search for availability and prices, complete the booking process or make a quotation inquiry. The property will be able to process countless quotations, special offers, last minute packages and send availability data from suite 4°. Reservations received will be displayed directly in the software: through a perfectly integrated process and these reservations will be placed side by side those received from traditional channels (email, fax, phone).

Channel Manager

Is the tool that offers the possibility to manage in one single operation hotel availability and prices on multiple online travel agencies saving time, management costs and decreasing the error margin

It is possible to apply sales strategies in line with those configured in the PMS, in order to implement a coherent strategy, intervene with the stop sale at any time, by resource or rate and update availability on all distribution channels when a new reservation is registered. All this activities are performed with a surprising ease of use and simultaneous display of data in real-time thanks to two-way XML communication.

A lot more to it than you think!

That's not all… Ericsoft Suite 4 also provides a dedicated tool for Contracts and allotments, focus on Pricing and Yield Management, Deposits cancellations and early departures, check-in and guest management, charges and a lot more!