Contact us for support

Our helpdesk is available during business hours (Monday – Friday : 9am –  5pm) for all questions.

  • By sending an e-mail to **
  • Via our Customer Portal with your email address and personal password. **
  • By phone if you wish to speak to a representative:
  • By scheduling an online appointment via contact us

Outside these businesshours, and during National Holidays, we are available for emergency support.

(Note: We do not provide emergency support via Whatsapp, scroll down for more information)

**(non urgent support requests that will be handled during business hours)

Software for Support

Our Phonenumbers

Curacao: +599 9 6503831 / +599 9 6708331

Aruba: +297 2901570 

Emergency Situations

Emergency Situations

When is something classified as an Emergency Situation?

Emergency support is when your system is down, continuous PMS or POS error messages remain even during/after a reorganization and/or reboot of your PC, no communication between your Restaurant POS and PMS. Your Fiscal Software /Printer is non-functional and you cannot perform sales.

What to do in case of Emergency circumstances

If this is the case, always CALL the help-desk for prompt assistance, do not send an e-mail or fax. We will not see it until our office is open. Do not send a personal Whatsapp message or SMS to our Technicians, since they may be off duty.

During after house an automated attendant will answer your phone call, emergency support is only 1 click away.

Press “1" after the tone for emergency support,
Press “2" after the tone to leave a voicemail for the next business-day.

If the emergency support is chosen, the automated attendant will confirm and explain that charges may apply, calling the technician -on-duty directly.. please hold the line… If you hang up or the line drops kindly allow 1 minute before trying the help-desk number again.

Please note

We do not accept orders for consumables ( paper, ribbons, employee cards) outside business hours.

We do not provide POS Support between 11pm and 6am other than troubleshooting the unlikely event of a failed end-of-day, or if a 24-hour  POS help-desk contract is in place.

We do not provide with passwords if these are not available through your it-responsible or manager.