Oracle RES 3700

Whether your restaurant operation is a globally recognized chain or a single
independent location, you can benefit from the Oracle Hospitality Restaurant
Enterprise Series (RES) 3700 product suite—a comprehensive point-of-sale
(POS) solution with cloud and on-premises tools for the back office, restaurant
operations, and guest services. The Oracle Hospitality RES 3700 suite provides
start-to-finish guest service, increases operational efficiency and speed, and
ultimately provides a better service experience for your customers and staff.

Improve Guest Experiences, Lower Costs, Save Time

The products in the Oracle Hospitality RES 3700 suite work together to change the way
restaurants are run—connecting front- and back-end activities into a single streamlined
operation and enabling improved guest service and increased staff efficiency.
Oracle Hospitality RES 3700 product management applications enable managers to monitor
inventory levels and streamline ordering and receiving, whereas Oracle Hospitality RES 3700
labor management applications help maximize labor efficiency and operation productivity.
The corporate office can also use a powerful database administration tool or cloud offerings
to manage store-level data for multiple locations. As a result, it is easy to determine just how
profitable operations are using the flexible reporting and analysis tools in the product suite.

Key Features

Cloud reporting and analysis
Full-featured mobile solutions.
Back-office tools for inventory,
ordering, and receiving.
Start-to-finish guest experience
Comprehensive security.
Flexible architecture for
integration with complementary

Key Benefits

Increase efficiency and speed of
service to offer a superior guest

Improve bottom-line business
Better manage employees,
inventory, and business
Enhance guest engagement.

Proffid only supports existing customers in the ABC islands. We no longer sell new software modules or Oracle OEM hardware. Proffid sells Aures POS Hardware that is fully compatible.