ODP 333 Black

Specially designed for point of sale and service applications, the ODP 333 by AURES is a thermal receipt printer which features a triple interface (including Ethernet) in a minimalist compact and cubic style, available in black or white.

 With its front receipt printout, it ensures optimum protection against dust, crumbs and liquid splashes in tough environments such as kitchens, restaurants, bars, bakeries and the like.

Thanks to its Energy Star* certification, it switches automatically to stand-by mode in less than one second after it stops printing, allowing average power savings of at least 30% – embodying and thus respecting the values of Green IT.

  • Contemporary black or white cubic design Highly compact ergonomic format
  • Low power motherboard
  • Integrated Triple interface (Serial RS 232C Serial, USB, & Ethernet)
  • Splash-proof receipt printout path located on the front side for enhanced protection; perfectly designed for all catering and hospitality sectors.
  • Print speed: 160mm/sec
  • Configuration utilities
  • All cables supplied