Sango Box

With compact dimensions, this POS retail PC is safe, reliable, long-lasting and easy to maintain, at home in both “front office” environments (cash desk) and in the “back office” (where it can be used as a server for example). Connected to a monitor such as the Sango Touchscreen, it functions as the nerve centre of an ultra-high performance POS modular system. The SANGO BOX will adapt to the technology requirements of all users: 3 types of processors are available (including a fanless i5 for boosted performance), as well as a range of connection options. It offers a glossy polycarbonate finish, featuring, in option, mix & match range of sango’s seven modular colours (Black is the standard colour (aluminium cover) ; White, Red, Blue, Orange, Grey and Cassis are optional (polycarbonate modular covers).