The SWING by AURES is an innovative multi-use, multi-feature tablet concept developed to meet the needs of the omni-channel, mobile, point-ofsale & service environment. This highly resistant solution offers a wide range of features and an adaptable, ergonomic and avantgarde design. The system is a unique professional B2B tablet (available in over 6 product configurations) specially designed for EPOS environments. It is supplied with its exclusive AURES’ POGO system(1) – a magnetic attachment and connection module (with integrated motorised security latches), enabling easy centering and positioning on the various mounts (docking station, wall and pole mounting). The SWING’s exclusive «Roaming» mode – which consists of a network emulation of local ports (via the Docking Station or Light Box) is another AURES feature and innovation; it allows the tablet to remotely visualize, pilot and control all POS peripherals, even in a mobile situation (ticket printers, cash drawers, payment terminals, keyboards, contactless card readers, scanners, etc.).