Contact our Helpdesk


Our technician may ask you to install / run one of the below support tools

       Splashtop SOS on Demand (one-time access only)

       Splashtop (unattended) remote access (permanent access, where you can control when we can connect)


Our helpdesk is available during business hours (Monday – Friday : 9am –  5pm) for all questions.

Outside these businesshours, and during National Holidays, we are available for emergency support.


We can be reached : 

+599 9 650 3831 ( Curacao)

+297 290 1570 (Aruba)

+31 85 3010924 ( The Netherlands)

**(non urgent support requests that will be handled during business hours)


Emergency support  is : your system is down, continuous PMS or POS error messages remain even during/after a  reorganization and/or reboot of your PC, no communication between your Restaurant POS and PMS. Your Fiscal Software /Printer is non-functional and you cannot perform sales.

In this case always CALL the help-desk for prompt assistance , do not send an e-mail, do not send a fax, we will not see it untill our office is open. Do not send a personal WhatsApp or SMS to our Technicians, since they may be off duty.

After hours an automated attendant will answer , emergency support is only 1 choice away.

press “1” after the tone  for emergency support,

press “2” after the tone to leave a voicemail for the next business-day.

If “1” is chosen, the automated attendant will confirm and explain that charges may apply, calling the

technician -on-duty directly.. please hold the line… If you hangup or the line drops kindly allow 1 minute before trying thehelp-desk number again.

Please note :

  • We do not accept orders for consumables ( paper, ribbons, employee cards) outside business hours.
  • We do not provide POS Support between 11pm and 6am other than troubleshooting the unlikely event of a failed end-of-day, or if a 24-hour  POS help-desk contract is in place.
  • We do not provide with passwords if these are not available through your it-responsible or manager.
  • We do not “assist/train/guide” new (night-)staff who have not been trained, nor have been provided with procedures, in running PMS Night-audits or Micros End-of-Day or any other day-to-day procedures.
  • Please use the central help-desk number, and not personal cell-phone numbers of our technicians, unless instructed so by the technician for that particular request. There’s a team available to assist, where as an individual technician may not be available at your time of call. Do not send requests through BB-Pin ,WhatsApp or SMS. Telephone, Fax and E-mail only.